Don’t let it be said that folks in the PacNW ain’t a friendly crew.  We’re attempting to make sure everyone has a fair shot…

The rules are simple…

  1. Obey all traffic laws (we’ve tried to include as many bike paths, parks, bike lanes, etc.  And when in doubt consult the Crossers Code and ride as much dirt as possible)
  2. You MUST complete the task assigned at each check point.  After you complete each task you will be given an object to show you completed it.  DO NOT lose these.  These show proof you completed the task.  If you do not show up with all the appropriate material there are “Second Chance Qualifiers” later in the day.  (any and all “I musta lost it on the way here” will be met with a “Meh, try again tonite.”)
  3. Use dirt and trails whenever you can.  You never know if we’ll have a hidden station somewhere on a trail.
  4. The areas with the Caution Signs…take them quite seriously.  You’ll end up with the slowest time and won’t qualify if you end up in an ambulance.
  5. I’ve personally swept every road and trail free of broken glass, nails, syringes, etc…so go ahead and leave the spare tube at home.
  6. You must race the bike you intend to ride on Sunday for the qualifier….unless the bike you’re riding on Sunday has a pony on it (man that bike is awesome!)
  7. The forecast is for some Rain.  The streets here can get slick.  Use caution if its wet.  Taking a corner a little slower is actually faster than picking yourself up off the pavement.
  8. Crossers Code…I swear to use all dirt trails, stairs, and dirt paths that are put infront of me over the (somewhat) more convienient pavement that might be right next to them.
  9. Do not take this map as the final word!  Sally is afraid of commitment (ask anyone) and I reserve the right to change this route at ANY time.
  11. You must ride the bike you intend on racing on Sunday (giveng you qualify)  Don’t ask me about Gears, Tire Choices, etc…you’re on a SS…at some point…you can only go so fast)

View CrossCat Qualifer in a larger map

Ps…if you head out to pre-ride it…I’d seriously avoid the Greenbelt anytime after dusk.  Seriously….don’t do it.