The SSCXWC Frames have landed* and we want to reward all the good boys and girls who have been so patient while waiting for these.

Everyone who orders a frameset will receive a commerative SSCXWC Tshirt and a pair of SSCXWC socks to don while riding their sweet new rig. In addition you will receive a SSCXWC Stanley flask to keep that warm feeling inside going well after the ride is over.

But wait, there’s more!

On top of that, we?re giving away the Shimano Groupo and Gates Carbon Drive that was on display at Interbike!

  • Dura Ace Carbon Tubless Wheelset
  • Dura Ace 7800 SS brake levers (custom made by Sally)
  • Dura Ace Crankset
  • Pro Handlebar, Stem & Seatpost
  • Entire Gates Carbon Belt drive Drivetrain
  • Hutchinson Cross Tires

You might be asking yourself? “how do I get my muddy mitts on the groupo?”

This year we weren’t able to do something as intricate as painting one of the frames a different color and sending it out.

(shoot…we’re lucky we got the frames at all this year)  What we are going to do is enter everyone who purchases a frame by January 12th. into a lottery of sorts.  One lucky person (out of a total possible 40) will ride off with the kit listed above.  What kind of lottery you might be asking as well?  That’s to be determined…but in the spirit of SSCXWC we’ll make sure it’s fair, involves booze, and some form of nudity.  Winner will be notified as soon we figure it out-  the frames will start shipping on Wednesday December 22nd.

Thanks everyone.  Now get em dirty.

*Actual Frameset purchase will be sold as Raleigh SSCXWC frame, Enve Cross Fork, FSA Headset

*Frame and fork under manufacturers frame warranty for 1 year from date of purchase.  Please see Raleigh, Enve and FSA for their warranty information.  As these are limited edition frames, any warranted items will be replaced with a similar/suitable product.

*People who preordered frames will be contacted for Tshirt and sock size.

*It needs to be noted to everyone that we currently have 30 of the framesets on hand.  These will begin to ship out on Monday December 20th in order of purchase.  The remaining 10 framesets are done and are in transit, they are currently scheduled to arrive in the middle to end of January.  They will ship as soon they land.