Below are some questions that may be floating around in that big brain of yours. If you don’t see your question about the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships answered below you can email us at

How do I register?

-Registration is open through BikeReg. The first 50 people to register online get a limited edition Stanley mug commemorating the SSCXWC.  They will also receive a t-shirt in recognition of you having your shit together.

Can I race in the SSCXWC?

-Well that depends… When you register for the SSCXWC YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED ENTRY. You must QUALIFY. This is the World Championships afterall, and every Tom, Dick and Mary that registers can’t expect to ride right up and race. There will be a qualifying race in Seattle on Saturday October 23rd, as well as a few other opportunities.

What if I don’t qualify?

-If you register for the SSCXWC and don’t qualify during the race on October 23rd, don’t worry. You will race in the single speed category during the MFG race that precedes the SSCXWC.


Will women and men be racing eachother?

-For the qualifying race, women will qualify separately from men.  For the race on Sunday, women and men will share the course with an offset start time.

Can I sponsor the SSCXWC?

-Of course! There are some great opportunities for sponsors to be involved. Get in touch with JoAnne Anderson in regards to sponsoring the SSCXWC.

JoAnne Anderson-Washington United Single Speeders, LLC (WUSS)

Can I volunteer?

-Yes! We will need help making this successful event. We are looking for people to help distribute fliers and promotional materials from now until October 24th. We also need people to volunteer at the events preceding the big day, to work at the merchandise table, set up and break down for the events throughout the weekend as well as many other odds and ends that pop up along the way. If you would like to be involved in an event that could very well be the most fun you have ever had with your clothes on, get in touch with Ryan Schuetze.

Ryan Schuetze-Washington United Single Speeders, LLC (WUSS)

Other important information:

  • If you have won SSCXWC previously and have not received your tattoo, you are ineligible to race until your tattoo has been approved by the SSCXWC tattoo control board.
  • If you are from Canada, you must drink Washington beer the entire weekend.

20 Responses to “Questions?”

  1. Justin says:

    Silly question – but who made the socks and cap? Sock guy, DeFeet or other? Wald caps, Pace, other? Supplier inquiry from a fledgling NW business.


  2. Eric says:

    What’s the venue for the qualifier?

  3. rschuetze says:

    The qualifier will begin at Schooner Exact. 3901 1st Ave S. Check the schedule page.

  4. Eric says:

    Cool, can’t wait.

  5. Ian says:

    Where do you need to finish in the race on Saturday in order to race Sunday? Are we going to know ahead of time what some of the other qualifiers are?

  6. murphy says:

    how do you plan to get racers to the venue from downtown?

  7. murphy says:

    is the qualifier at the same venue? where are details on the qualifier? if we fly in do we need to then rent a car also to get to the race venue? your transportation options seem to be from the airport to downtown only. is this correct?

  8. Cochise says:

    What time do you expect racing to happen on Saturday (qualifier) and Sunday (race)? I want to see if I can down to Portland to do Cross Crusade, then make it back in time for the Sunday race.

  9. rschuetze says:

    The schedule page is up!

  10. Norm says:

    What….we have to drink washington beer while we are there….ahh man….your beer does not compare!

  11. Sally says:

    You’re right…our Washington beer is better. Good luck to ya…

  12. Eric says:

    I’m not too keen about this having to drink Washington beer business either… I guess I’ll suffer through it. Maybe bring some Phillips down to share with our American friends.

  13. Cochise says:

    A question to the SSCXWC community: anyone have a kid who will attend the race who can babysit? I’m bringing two kids (my kids) who are 4 and 6. I will pay a (semi) capable babysitter to watch them during the Saturday qualifier and Sunday race.
    I know this is a stretch, but worth a hot.

  14. Cochise says:

    Does registering for SSCXWC automatically get us into the MFG Singlespeed race, or do we need to register and pay separately for that? (I did, just curious if I ovepaid). Thanks

  15. rschuetze says:

    If you register for SSCXWC and DO NOT qualify, you are automatically registered for the MFG single speed category. The MFG Single Speed category race will be the last chance for you to qualify for SSCXWC. Only the winner will qualify.

  16. S says:

    I’m just now realizing that registering for a bike race for which I have no bike is ludicrous. Can I transfer my entry to someone else, or am I eating my $50?

  17. Cochise says:

    Hey S, Assuming you have a bike (with gears), you can always just disable the gears for the race. That still counts as a singlespeed.

    Now if you don’t have a bike at all, that’s a different story. And stupid.

  18. Doug says:

    I have a couple of teenagers who want to come down for the qualifier. Is there something to keep them busy while I race?

  19. Erik Brooks says:

    How many of us will start in the ‘main show’?

  20. Tammy Meehan says:

    Any idea on the delivery date of the sscxwc 2010 bike?

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