There is one rule about the bike that you ride for SSCXWC.

One Gear.

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  1. Erik BRooks says:

    what exactly does one gear mean? I’m entered in the qualifier, and hope to race SS this next Sunday (10/3). I’ve only raced multispeed before, and hope to use the same bike and convert it back and forth. I currently run it as a 1 by 8. I have two rings on front, but the big ring is just a cheap chainguard with no shifting control. I’d like to leave my derailler on as a tentioner, and just remove the cassette and put on a single rear gear, and of course change the chain for one that works with this setup. It may LOOK like a multigear, but only one gear will work. That OK?

  2. rschuetze says:

    One gear- If you have no derailleur on the front and one gear on the back- that’s one gear for this purpose.

  3. Steve Andriese says:

    Is it ok to race a single speed mountain bike?

  4. rschuetze says:

    One rule- one gear. Drop bars not a requirement.

  5. Robert says:

    Hey Ryan, what if I have 2 gears, but I have to flip my wheel over mid-race in order to change it???? Also, can I use an e-bike for this?

  6. rschuetze says:

    Don’t make me come over there Robert…. I do think an e-bike category would be amazing for the category d’jour, but for this purpose- a bike you plug in, isn’t a bike at all.

  7. Bob Lobllaw says:

    where is my start time god dammit?

  8. Byron says:


    Maybe mine’s after yours or before? When you showing up?

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