Lots of questions arising about what will be taking place during the weekend of SSCXWC.  Here is a schedule that is of course, subject to change:

Wednesday October 20th

5pm (pacific time) Registration for SSCXWC ends

Thursday October 21st

Check the website for the time that your qualifying race begins.  Your time will also be on your packet.

Friday October 22nd

7pm- Packet Pickup at Hooverville (1721 1st Ave S, Seattle)

  • Your packet will have everything that you need for the weekend including your race number for the qualifier and important info for the weekend.

Saturday October 23rd

9am Packet pickup at Schooner Exact (3901 1st Ave. S, Seattle)

11am Qualifying Race at Schooner Exact (3901 1st Ave. S, Seattle)

  • There are going to be a lot of people doing their damnedest to qualify.  We’ll be breaking up the field into smaller groups that will start at 4 minute intervals.
  • You are responsible for knowing your start time.  Start times will be posted online by Friday morning.  They will also be posted at packet pickups.
  • If you are not at the start of your race, you will receive a DNS.

6pm Evening qualifier doors open at the Belltown Underground- 2407 1st Ave, Seattle (between Battery St & Wall St)

  • There will be a second, third and possibly more chances to qualify for those that did not qualify at the race during the day.
  • Part of the  inter-city competition to help determine which city will host the SSCXWC will also take place at this time
  • Facebook event page located at:
  • Various rounds of the Inter-city challenge will also be taking place Saturday evening that will help decide where the SSCXWC will be taking place in 2011.

Sunday October 24th

This is the big day.  What you’ve been waiting for….

For directions to the event location go to the Directions Page

Time Class Duration
9:30 Cat 4 Master Men 35+
Cat 4 Master Men 45+
Cat 3/4 Master Men 55+
Cat 4 Women
30 min.
10:20 Cat 4 Men
Master Women
40 min.
11:20 Cat 3 Master Men 35+
Cat 3 Master Men 45+
Cat 1/2 Women
Cat 3 Women
45 min.
12:10 Jr Boys & Girls 15-16
Jr Boys & Girls 13-14
Jr Boys & Girls 10-12 (20 min)
30 min.
12:45 Little Kids Race
Open Course
1:10 Cat 3 Men
Single Speed Men
Single Speed Women
Jr Boys & Girls 17-18
45 min.
2:10 Cat 1/2 Men
Cat 1/2 Master Men 35+
Cat 1/2 Master Men 45+
60 min.
3:30 Single Speed CX World Champs
Men & Women

22 Responses to “Schedule”

  1. Cochise says:

    Sorry, just to clarify: the qualifying race on Saturday at 11am is at the location in Kent of the final Sunday race, right?

  2. rschuetze says:

    The qualifier on Saturday at 11am is at Schooner Exact in Seattle. Sunday is the only day with events taking place in Kent.

  3. muddymike says:

    Glad to see the MFG schedule was adjusted to accomodate those wanting/needing to race both MFG and SSCXWC races.

  4. flx says:

    will there be some group ride for spectators from seattle to kent and back?

  5. rschuetze says:

    There is always room for someone to start one….

  6. flx says:

    word, pretty excited for that weekend. hope it stays dry…

  7. bobby says:

    given the urban setting for qualifiers on Saturday, are we supposed to be rolling cross bikes with cross tires or road tires…or straight up road bikes? Also, Saturday is a busy family day, what time do qualifiers “wrap” given the 11am start time? thanks a bunch!! Bobby

  8. John Canfield says:

    I hope it doesn’t stay dry.

  9. geoff casey says:

    You can ride from georgetown to kent on almost all bike lanes and bike path. The path makes up almost 80%. Plan on about 1.5 to 2 hours.

  10. rschuetze says:

    @Bobby- The bike used for the qualifier should be the same bike used for the race. That means a single speed cross bike.

    As for “wrap” time- that all depends on you… Qualify in the main race and you can head on home to your family and a nice warm bed…boring…. If you don’t qualify in the main race, you can stick around and smash your fingers with a hammer for another shot at qualifying which will be going late into the evening. Other qualifying events may or may not include old time favorites such as dodge-rock, gay chicken, trainwreck darts, or scrabble.

  11. Byron says:

    So it’s an Alley Cat to qualify? We’re racing around the brewery?

  12. rschuetze says:

    Cross Cat- The city can be dirty too…

  13. novedevon says:

    Do women have to qualify? What if we can’t make it Saturday?

  14. Sally says:

    If you can’t make the main qualifier there will be other second chance qualifiers saturday and the winner of the MFG SS race on sunday qualifies

  15. brian says:

    “hope it stays dry” guy should be DQ’d for that comment. Sacrilege! I hope for flooding of biblical proportions. It would be awsome if we had to ford/swim parts of the course.

  16. Eric says:

    Cross Cat eh??? Sounds interesting. We won’t need messenger bags will we?

  17. koos42 says:

    Make like Oregon Trail!

    Weather: Cold
    Mud Puddle Width: 42ft
    Mud Puddle Depth: 5ft

    You May:
    1. Attempt to ford the puddle
    2. Caulk bike and float it across
    3. Wait to see if conditions improve
    4. Build up some speed and skip across

    What is your choice?

  18. Brando says:

    Can we pick our packet at Schooner Exact any time during the day after 9 AM on Saturday?

  19. beardkiller says:

    why are all you asking so many damn questions? show up saturday, qualify. show up sunday and race till you puke bacon. it’s going to rain, bring a poncho, and damnit…just do what the nice sasquatch says, you’ll be fine.

  20. [...] The race will take place after the 4th MFG Cyclocross series race, at 3:30 pm Sunday 10-24-10, at Pacific Raceway.  NOTE to all MFG racers the schedule is different from what your used to.  Check race times, here. [...]

  21. jeremiah blume says:

    remember to read before asking it is all laid out for you. go with the flow and bring your paddles

  22. peter says:

    so, where is this schedule for the qualifier start times on saturday?

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