Welcome to the Emerald City.  We hope you enjoy your stay and we here in Seattle want to share all the good things that our fair city has to offer.  Getting here is going to be the hardest part- after that, we’re gonna get it on like Donkey Kong.

Getting here:

  • You can drive here.  You can probably figure out how to get here via automobile…
  • You can fly here.  Sea-Tac Airport (SEA) is just south of Seattle.  From there, you can take our new light rail that goes from the airport to downtown.  It’s easy to figure out, you can take a bike on any time of day (operating hours are 5am-midnight), and it’s cheap.  You can get more information on the Link Light Rail HERE
  • Take the train- The Seattle Amtrak station is in a central location, on 3rd and Jackson, close to downtown.
  • Take a bus- The Greyhound is downtown at Stewart and 8th.

Lodging:  The venue for SSCXWC is south of Seattle.  In an effort to make it to all the events, staying in town would be a better option.  We have hostels, hotels and motels for every budget- and even some friendly people in town that may be able to give you some floor or couch space in their homes.  Hotels in the downtown area will be well suited to the weekend’s festivities.

  • The Moore Hotel
  • The Ace Hotel

Food:  Lots of good food in Seattle.  Too much to mention.

Coffee:  Seattle loves coffee, it’s not just a rumor.  Lighthouse Roasters, Caffe Vita, Zoka, and…. well, Stumptown roasts in Seattle as well.

Beer:  Seattle loves it’s beer.  Check out Big Time Brewery, Schooner Exact Brewing, Elysian Brewing, the list goes on…

Transportation:  I shouldn’t have to say that if you are coming here and didn’t bring a bike, then you messed up.  How are you going to race on Sunday?  Seattle is a great city to ride in.  We have some hills, and most are not avoidable, but they generally aren’t too bad.  There are free bike maps available from the city, you can get one sent to your house if you fill out the online form HERE. If you drove here, you can figure it out.  You can also rent a car, carpool, take the Metro bus, the Light Rail.

Because the event location is south of Seattle- out of town people should consider renting a car and car pooling with other racers.  Remember:  A stranger is a friend that you haven’t met yet…

Any other questions you have about Seattle?  Direct them to

10 Responses to “Seattle”

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  2. jeremiah says:

    so you say stay in town to be close to activities does that mean seattle or kent.

  3. rschuetze says:

    @Jeremiah- Staying in Seattle will allow you to take part in the festivities on Friday and Saturday.

  4. jeremiah says:

    sorry one more question are you posting parties on the website

  5. rschuetze says:

    Wherever we are, that’s where the party will be. Have beer, will travel….

  6. BykMor (Steve W) says:

    Hello Seattle CXing locals. I’m driving up from Zion (SLC,UT) and might be interested in taking advantage of someone’s awesome ‘host housing’ type of hospitality.

    Just me. Male. Mid-30s. Potty trained. I hope to be enjoying all of Saturday evening’s festivities and would be cycling back, so something in that neighborhood would be desirable.

    Please e-mail me back (bykmor at gmail dot com) if you have any info.


  7. Erik says:

    Hello Seattle-ites,
    I just had two people bail on heading up so I am flying solo and would love a floor, couch or shed to rest my weary head Friday and Saturday.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me (velovirtu at gmail dot com)

  8. Randy says:

    I got room for a slaker for the weekend. Stoopid close to the lite rail station on beacon hill.

  9. Megan says:

    I went to Caffe Vita when I was in Seattle. Great place, great coffee! :-)

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