SSCXWC Withdrawls?

On November 3, 2010, in Uncategorized, by rschuetze

Are you regretting that you didn’t get a pint glass at the SSCXWC?  You should, because there are no more of them.  We didn’t make a whole lot of any one thing, so make sure you have what you need now.  Whether or not you were in Seattle, you can take home a little bit of the largest SSCXWC to date.   If you’ve seen the pictures and videos circulating, you know it was a good time.

Get your goodies like Stanley drinkware, T-shirts (printed in Seattle,) Pace caps, and socks made by Sock Guy make perfect gifts for yourself or a loved one.

To sweeten the deal, and so we don’t have to keep shipping things… order 3 items and get a T-shirt for a penny.  Select your size from the drop down menu (we pick the color.)  We’ll even pay the shipping on it!

Head over today to buy some goodies.  They won’t be around forever.

And while they haven’t shipped yet (they will soon, we promise…) there are only a few more of the new carbon single speed Raleigh bikes available in celebration of the 2010 SSCXWC.  Get your grubby little paws on one of them before they are all gone.

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Buy stuff.

On August 23, 2010, in Uncategorized, by rschuetze

You may have noticed that we have a couple new additions to the menu bar.  Directions to the venue, as well as a link to our webstore.  We’ll be adding more merchandise to the webstore, so check back.  We are doing limited runs of all the merch- so if you want to make sure you don’t miss out- buy sooner rather than later.

As well as the current items we have for sale- socks and caps, you can expect a bunch more goodies- all done in very limited runs.

At this point in time we don’t plan on shipping merchandise.  It will all be available to pick up at the registration table starting October 22nd.

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